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Dave Revsine has been an ESPN anchor since 1996. He has hosted such shows as SportsCenter, World Cup 2Night and NBA 2Night. Also over the past few years he has hosted College Gameday on ESPN Radio. Every week they travel to one of the college football's best games. Back in 2002, ESPN Radio was in Athens to watch a game. I recently talked to Dave Revsine about this year's season and a lot more.

Dave McMahon -- How many seasons have you hosted ESPN Radio College Gameday Road Tour?

Dave Revsine -- This will be my 6th season as the host.

DM -- Is former head coach Gerry DiNardo back again this year with you?

DR -- We do have the same crew as last year. It's me, Gerry and Todd McShay from Scouts, Inc. They're both outstanding. Gerry has an amazing background, from an All-American Lineman for Ara at Notre Dame to an assistant for Colorado's National Championship team to his Head Coaching gigs at Vandy, LSU and Indiana. Todd is an incredible personnel guy, think Mel Kiper, just with different hair. Tremendous knowledge. It was a blast last year, and I'm really looking forward to this season.

DM -- Does Coach DiNardo have any crazy stories from when he was at LSU or Vandy?

DR -- He does, but you'd have to ask him.

DM -- What about when he coached in the XFL?

DR -- He told me about a meeting they had with Vince McMahon and company. Apparently, ratings were down and they were desperate, so in mid-season they had this emergency summit, where, among other things, they considered changing the rules THAT WEEK to make every player on the field and eligible receiver. Funny stuff.

DM -- Mel Kiper Jr. used to do the show with you.... how many comments from fans would you hear about his hair?

DR -- Lots and he took it great. Mel is one of the best and most genuine people I know. He always had time for fans on the road. He's incredible.

DM -- Any chances of the road tour stopping in Athens this year?

DR -- I'd say the chances of us being in Athens are slim, just because, on paper, their home schedule isn't all that appealing. Seems to me the best chances are away from home, the Florida game and then at Auburn. But, the beauty is, you just never know.

DM -- You were in Athens for a game back in 2002, what memories do you have?

DR -- Athens definitely ranks as one of our top 3 or 4 trips ever. Best memories were "The Dawg Walk" and the passion of the fans. They were just great -- hung out all day watching games (we have a bunch of huge TV's set up -- so it's kind of an outdoor sports bar with commentary). Also had a really nice visit the day before with Coach Richt. His family dropped in right after our interview. Really got a good sense for what kind of guy he is. I also loved the town. Just had a great feel. Only disappointment was that we thought Mike Mills from R.E.M. was going to come by, and he had to cancel the day before. I'm still trying to get over that one.

DM -- Favorite Georgia player you have met or talked to?

DR -- I was always really impressed with David Greene. We had him on a number of times, and he always handled himself very well. Classy kid.

DM -- Other favorite memories in your time on the tour?

DR -- Probably the Florida - Ole Miss game in Oxford in 2002. They set us up on The Grove, which is one of the best scenes I've ever witnessed. They beat Florida that day -- fans tore down the goalposts and brought them out to our set. Eli Manning and Cutcliffe joined us afterwards to chat. That was a blast. But, there have been a ton of great memories. I have a real passion for college football, and you really couldn't ask for a better gig.

DM -- What place haven't you been that you would love to go?

DR -- A few, actually. We've never been to Penn State for the show. I'd like to see a game there before Joe Pa retires. Georgia fans won't like this one -- but we've never been to Florida since I've been hosting. I'd enjoy going there.

DM -- Sorry to bring this up, but while you attended Northwestern, how many football games did they win?

DR -- No reason to be sorry. The 'Cats won 6 games in my 4 years. I was one of the play-by-play voices on the radio station there. You definitely needed to prepare blow-out material. You really can't comprehend how bad they were in those days unless you saw it in person (since they were literally never on TV). Both my parents went there, so we had season tickets throughout the 34 game losing streak. They were actually beyond bad. They were totally horrible. They aspired to be bad.

DM -- What are your feelings about this year's Georgia football team?

DR -- I think they'll be good. I picked them to win the East last year and got a ton of grief from Gerry and Todd at the beginning of the season. I like to remind them of that one periodically (like once an hour or so). This year, though, I went with Florida (although that schedule is ridiculous). I just think they have more talent. Still, I really had a hard time choosing between the two.

Obviously, the 'Dawgs have great backs, the rest of the offense just looks fairly uninspiring. JT III is a great story, but I'm not sure he's a great QB. Helps to have guys like Milner and Massaquoi. I obviously haven't seen Stafford, but, from what I've read, doesn't seem like he's progressed quite as quickly as they'd hoped he would. Line concerns me -- not a ton of depth.

Defensively, I thought Willie Martinez did a really nice job last year, but, again, there are holes this season. Moses is as good as they come, and I like the LB crew, but there's some real inexperience here. Obviously, though, you guys are down there and have gotten to see practices, so I defer to the fans on some of these younger, unproven guys. Wouldn't shock me to see Georgia in the SEC Title Game, though. They'll be in the hunt.

DM -- Thank you for your time and maybe we will see you somewhere on the road tour.

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