Jason Johnson has done it before for the Bulldogs. Last year he had 3 rushes for 44 yards and he gained 97 yards in the last G-Day game. He was rewarded by being named the Most Improved Running Back after spring practice and a few weeks ago was given a scholarship. The former walk-on is now a double threat as he is practicing at both tailback and fullback. He recently found time to talk to me.

Dave McMahon -- Who was the first person you told that you earned a football scholarship at Georgia?

Jason Johnson -- I told my mom. She screamed! She was at work, but she did not care, she was proud.

DM -- Does your willing to play both fullback and tailback improve your chances to play more?

JJ -- I think so. It also helps me in both positions, because I know what the other position is wanting.

DM -- Fullbacks are generally set for bigger guys, you are listed at 191... are you bigger now?

JJ -- I am close to 210 pounds now. I am still small compared to some of the other fullbacks.

DM -- You still can hit... right?

JJ -- I have never been afraid to hit someone. You can say I have a little man syndrome. I look small, but I play big.

DM -- Are you still playing special teams?

JJ -- As of now I am on kickoff, kickoff return and punt block.

DM -- People around here, know what southern high school football is like, but you are from Chicago... what is Chicago high school football like?

JJ -- It is big, not nearly as big as it is down here, but we turn out a few players every now and then.

DM -- Are you a White Sox fan or Cubs fan?

JJ -- White Sox... I probably lived about 10 minutes away from the stadium.

DM -- Anywhere in Athens, has a pizza that can match the Chicago pizza?

JJ -- No one has come close yet.

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