Wait a Little Longer

Georgia fans know Dan Inman has been suspended for the 1st 2 games this year. While all his teammates have a chance to shine, he will have to wait until the UAB game. Unfortunately for Bulldog fans, the offensive line is one place that Georgia needs everybody. Coaches have been saying they might have just 6 bodies for the 1st 2 games. That is a lot of pressure and Inman talks about his situation.

Dave McMahon -- How hard is it for you, this being your senior year, that you have to wait even longer for your season to start?

Dan Inman -- It has been real hard. I haven't missed a game in 3 years, now I have to watch the first 2 games instead of playing. I have no idea what it is going to feel like. But rules are rules and I have to do what I am told.

DM -- Will you be able to watch the game from the sideline?

DI -- I am not sure. I think so.

DM -- If you can't, where are you going to watch the game?

DI -- I don't know. But I will definately be watching. Those are my brothers out there.

DM -- Since Michael Turner is going to take your place... is he or you taking the first team snaps at practice?

DI -- All 3 of the tackles are rotating. We are all getting a lot of reps.

DM -- How is he progressing?

DI -- He is doing really good. I am really proud of how well is doing.

DM -- Does it seem strange that this is your last season?

DI -- I can't believe it. This is my 4th year playing and my 5th year here at Georgia and it's incredible. I have had so many friends playing with me. Teammates have come and gone, but we are all close.

DM -- Do you remember your first game playing for the Bulldogs?

DI -- It was vs Clemson in 2003. We won and it was hot. I even was the short snapper in that game for field goals.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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