Ready to Play

Asher Allen is one of the true freshmen that have a good chance of playing on Saturday. But he is not a typical freshmen, he enrolled in school back in January and participated in all of spring's practices. In G-Day he thrilled the Bulldog fans by returning an interception over 100 yards for a touchdown. How will he do on Saturday, we will all find out?

Dave McMahon -- It's only a few days away... how excited are you for your first game?

Asher Allen -- I am so excited. I remember I was excited before G-Day. That game I played in front of 20,000 and it was the largest crowd I have ever played in front of and this week is going to be over 92,000. It is going to be incredible!

DM -- And you could get some playing time, too...

AA -- If the coaches want me in I will play. They have prepared me and I feel comfortable.

DM -- Are you practicing with the 2nd team?

AA -- Mostly, but we all rotate around. We all get good reps.

DM -- What is the main thing you have learned at Georgia?

AA -- I learned how demanding college life is and how to manage time. Between school and practice it is hard to have some time for yourself.

DM -- What is Coach Martinez like?

AA -- He is super intense. He is real fair, too. He listens to you when you need him to.

DM -- Who is the best cornerback in the NFL?

AA -- Right now it's Champ Bailey. No doubt about it. All-time it's Deion Sanders, but now it is Champ.

DM -- How much do you enjoy Athens?

AA -- It is great, although one of my first days here I was trying to get to the Tate Center and I took the wrong bus. I took a transit bus and I went all around Athens and I ended up near the mall. I got to know the whole town. I know the bus routes now.

DM -- Why does Tucker, Georgia produce so many great players?

AA -- It is such a great community. From park ball to middle school to high school, the whole town is behind you.

DM -- Who from Tucker is coming to the first game?

AA -- A lot of my family will be there. My mother, my dad, my brother, my aunt and a lot more.

DM -- Thank you for your time and your answers.

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