WKU Week: What he said

ATHENS – Drop in on some of the most relevant quotes from Tuesday's press conference in Athens.

"This my favorite press conference of the year because we haven't done anything dumb yet." – Mark Richt on the first press conference of the year.

"You've got to wave your towel, by the way." – Richt to the press corp. Instead of raising their hands, Richt jokingly said he wanted the media to wave new red "terrible towels" which were passed out before the press conference.

"That was our number-one concern coming into this year. We need to step up as grown men inside and outside." – Linebacker Danny Verdun Wheeler on the linebackers' play, particularly with regards to tackling.

"I don't see Joe T sliding at all." – Quentin Moses on if quarterback Joe Tereshinski will be less physical this week because he is the starting quarterback.

"The season is about to jump off, and I am pretty sure everyone is going to see what I have been talking about." – Moses again, this time talking about his partner in sacks Charles Johnson, who Moses has been talking up for the last few months.

"I think my mom is a little less nervous this time." – Tereshinski when asked about how his parents were taking this week. The last time Tereshinski started he was "thrown in there" against Florida.

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