Stafford seems wide open

Quentin Grant recently caught up with D.J. Stafford to discuss recruiting and to see how his senior season is going.

Quentin Grant: You had quite a long list of schools recently, have you had time to narrow down your choices.

D.J. Stafford: Yes I have a top 10 at this point.

Grant: Is your top 10 on an even playing field at this point?

Stafford: Yes, they are all on a level playing field.

Grant: Would you name them for me please?

Stafford: Virginia Tech, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Alabama, Kentucky, Clemson, Arkansas, South Carolina and Florida.

Grant: Are you planning on using all five official visits?

Stafford: Yes sir.

Grant: Have you planned any official visits yet?

Stafford: No, not yet.

Grant: When are you looking at setting your officials?

Stafford: I'm going to try and do it during the season or after the season.

Grant: Do you plan to attend any games on unofficial or official visits?

Stafford: I'm thinking about catching a Georgia game and an Auburn game because they are the closest.

Grant: What is your timeline for making a commitment?

Stafford: Whenever I think I find the best spot for me, and find where I fit in with the coaches and can be on the same page with them. When I think I find my home I'm going to commit. So, it could be at any time.

Grant: Are you looking to stay close to home, or does distance matter?

Stafford: It doesn't really matter.

Grant: Have you started your season yet?

Stafford: We scrimmaged last Friday night; our first game is this Friday against Harris County.

Grant: How are you guys looking this year?

Stafford: We are looking pretty good. All of our guys have made a big improvement, and we have been preparing for the season and we can't wait for Friday night.

Grant: Do you have any goals set for the season?

Stafford: Yes sir, our goal every year is to win the state championship.

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