Southern Football Predictions

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

1. Auburn – Best in the South – These guys look great on paper.

2. Florida – Now or never for seemingly over-hyped Chris Leak…

3. LSU – Tigers could be tough to beat in SEC West…

4. Miami – Another classic win over Florida State coming on Monday…

5. Florida State – ACC Champs back at it against their arch rivals…

6. Georgia – If D.J. Shockley were the quarterback these guys would be a top seven team nationally…

7. Virginia Tech – Steady program – and now no Marcus Vick sideshow…

8. Clemson – Put up or shut up time for Tigers – September has been hell for them…

9. Alabama – Bama's decent this season, but the West is loaded…

10. Arkansas – If stud running back Darious McFadden were in the lineup the Trojans would be nervious…

11. Tennessee – How does this program recover? Huge game with Cal will dictate season…

12. Georgia Tech – Jackets have a lot of the tools needed for an ACC run – but their big players need to play big in big games…

13. South Carolina – Will this season be a step forward in the SEC East, or a step sideways?

14 Maryland – Now we are getting into very average teams…

15. Virginia – See above…

16. NC State – Chuck Amato is certifiable…

17. North Carolina – These guys have to play steady to get back to a bowl…

18. Ole Miss – I wonder who would win a Chuck Amato-Ed Orgeron fight…

19. Mississippi State – Time to step up closer to five wins in a season…

20. Wake Forest – Need to play the way they do against Clemson all of the time…

21. Vanderbilt – No Jay Cutler = not good…

22. Duke – Worst team in the ACC…

23. Kentucky – Worst in the South…

This week's games:

NOTE: these are last Sunday's lines; some may have moved

Hawaii (+16) at Alabama
Winner straight up – Alabama
Winner with points – Hawaii
Comment – Difficult one to pick (as most start-of-the-season games are) Bama couldn't score last season…

Southern Cal (-8) at Arkansas
Winner straight up – Southern Cal
Winner with points – Southern Cal
Comment – This would be different is McFadden were not hurt. I really want to take the Hogs because I know how they will fight. But don't get fooled – Pete Carroll hasn't just been sitting around on the recruiting trail…

Washington State (+15) at Auburn
Winner straight up – Auburn
Winner with points – Auburn
Comment – More than two times zones is hard to deal with. Auburn is hard to deal with. Take the Tigers…

Southern Miss (+20.5) at Florida
Winner straight up – Florida
Winner with points – Florida
Comment – Florida should win by exactly three touchdowns. But it might not be pretty…

Western Kentucky at Georgia
Winner straight up – Georgia
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – Now 93,000 can critique Joe Tereshinski live…

Kentucky (+22.5) at Louisville
Winner straight up – Louisville
Winner with points – Kentucky
Comment – UK is HORRIBLE, but getting more than three touchdowns in a rivalry game is a lot…

La-Lafayette (+29.5) at LSU
Winner straight up – LSU
Winner with points – LSU
Comment – Tons of points, but LSU should cover them…

Memphis (+3) at Ole Miss
Winner straight up – Ole Miss
Winner with points – Ole Miss
Comment – Rebels should be about 3.5 points better – neither is that great…

South Carolina (-6.5) at Mississippi State
Winner straight up – South Carolina
Winner with points – South Carolina
Comment – Carolina may struggle, but they should pull away in the end…

California (-2) at Tennessee
Winner straight up – Tennessee
Winner with points – Tennessee
Comment – Vols should pull the mild upset…

Vanderbilt (+25.5) at Michigan
Winner straight up – Michigan
Winner with points – Vanderbilt
Comment – Vandy will fight…

Notre Dame (-8) at Georgia Tech
Winner straight up – Notre Dame
Winner with points – Georgia Tech
Comment – Am I crazy to think Tech could upset the Irish? They probably won't, but fill fight like hell…

App. State at NC State
Winner straight up – NC State
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – Hit the snooze button…

Richmond at Duke
Winner straight up – Duke
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – Duke might lose this game…

William & Mary at Maryland
Winner straight up – Maryland
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – Take the Terps over Bill and his wife…

Florida Atlantic (+34) at Clemson
Winner straight up – Clemson
Winner with points – Florida Atlantic
Comment – That's a lot of points – too many for my liking…

Rutgers (+5.5) at North Carolina
Winner straight up – North Carolina
Winner with points – Rutgers
Comment – Take the Scarlet Knights…

Northeastern at Virginia Tech
Winner straight up – Virginia Tech
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – Again, a snoozer

Boston College (-13.5) at Central Michigan
Winner straight up – Boston College
Winner with points – Boston College
Comment – Boston College is too much for Central Michigan…

Florida State (+3.5) at Miami
Winner straight up – Miami
Winner with points – Miami
Comment – Nothing new on this one – take the Canes…




Washington State (+15) at Auburn
Winner with points – Auburn
Comment – Tigers are more than 15 points better than Cougars – (I hope!)…


Last Year – Lock of the week: 8.5 of 17 or 50% - Underwhelming
Last Year – Straight up: 145 out of 197 or 74%
Last Year – Points: 91 of 183 or 50%

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