First Blood

A lot of players made their firsts on Saturday. Some players made their first start. Some scored their first touchdown. Some Bulldogs played in their first game. Seven true freshmen made their debut. Only six true freshmen played last year. This is also the 10th straight season where Georgia won the first game of the season. Seconds anyone?

Here are some more firsts...

Mikey Henderson scored his first touchdown... although it took two tries.

Mario Raley also scored his first touchdown, as well as Coleman Watson. It was also Coleman's first career catch. Demiko Goodman also made his first catch.

For the first time Thomas Brown, Kregg Lumpkin and Danny Ware all scored a touchdown in the same game.

Joe Cox and Matthew Stafford both threw their first TD passes.

Players making their first start were Michael Turner, Charles Johnson, Kade Weston, Jeff Owens and Ramarcus Brown.

True freshmen playing in their first game were Matthew Stafford, Kris Durham, Asher Allen, Prince Miller, Darius Dewberry, Geno Atkins and of course Paul "Tripp Taylor."

Some of the redshirt freshman making their debut included Bryan Evans, Donavon Baldwin, Mike Moore, Roderick Battle, Andrew Gully, Joe Cox and Kade Weston.

Here are some comments about making their firsts...

Mario Raley -- on making his first touchdown... "It has been a long time coming. I have been wanting that for a long time. I am glad I helped the team. Hopefully this will happen a lot this season."

Kade Weston -- on making his first start... "I was a little nervous, but after the first few plays I was ready."

Prince Miller -- on playing in his first game... "It was great. It was a priviledge just being out there. I know a lot of true freshman don't play right away. I just need to continue doing my best."

Tony Ball -- on his first game as a Georgia coach... "It was exciting. This atmosphere was great. The crowd was outstanding. It was weird for me being the coaches' box. I was always on the field.

Kris Durham -- on playing in his first game... "I had butterflies. I am glad I got to contribute."

Asher Allen -- on playing in his first game... "I didn't play as well as I could. I can do better. I am happy how the team played."

Darius Dewberry -- on playing in his first game... "It was great. I have been waiting for this for over a year. I was a little nervous, but after I played a bit, I was ready."

Matthew Stafford -- on his first TD pass... "It was a little play action. We had a runner on the flat and one going deep. The guy on the flat was being held a little. So I went to my 2nd receiver which was Coleman. He ran a great route and made a great catch."

Coach Mark Richt -- on true freshman playing... "It is a little surreal for them. This experience is so different from anything they have done before. It is tough getting used to it, but they did well."

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