Boling likes unoffical visit to Athens

Clint Boling spoke with Dawg Post's Quentin Grant about his visit to Georgia and how solid his commitment is to the Dawgs.

Quentin Grant: How's your senior season going?

Boling: Pretty good, we had our first game on Friday and we won 49-13.

Grant: What are your team goals for this year?

Boling: We want to win region, and then go as far as we can in the playoffs.

Grant: How did you play Friday night?

Boling: I only ended up playing for about a half, and on offense we scored in about three or four plays. So, I really didn't play that much. I had about three or four tackles and on offense we scored so quickly we just weren't in for very long.

Grant: Weren't you at the game yesterday?

Boling: Yes, I went with two of my teammates, and I had a really good time.

Grant: Was that an official or unofficial visit?

Boling: It was an unofficial.

Grant: Are you going to take any unofficial or official visits anywhere else?

Boling: I'm solid Georgia, and I'm not going to go anywhere else. So, I probably won't use any officials unless I take one to Georgia.

Grant: Do you plan on heading back to Georgia for any other games?

Boling: Yeah, I'm going to try and go to all the home games I can. I always have a great time up there so I want to go back to as many as I can.

Grant: Have you gotten close to any of the other 2007 commits?

Boling: I actually met some of them on Saturday for the first time. I met Charles White and Conrad Obi. I saw Cliff Matthews there and I talked to him some, but that was my first chance of seeing any of the other commits.

Grant: So you are solid Georgia and you don't see yourself looking anywhere else?

Boling: No, I'm 100% Georgia.

Grant: When you are totally sure about going to Georgia as you are, do you become a recruiter for Georgia with the other prospects?

Boling: There actually aren't too many kids around my area who are being recruited by Georgia, besides Cameron Heyward and I talked to him once at a camp I saw him at. I also talked to Cliff Matthews when I saw him at the Georgia game. So unless I see someone at the game there's nobody around here looking at Georgia.

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