A Long Time Waiting

Coleman Watson has waited and waited, but on Saturday he caught his first collegiate pass and it was a touchdown. He has practiced at many different positions at Georgia and with a log jam at tight end many thought he would switch again. Will he get another chance to shine? This is what the junior from Atlanta told me.

Dave McMahon -- How long have you waited for your first catch in a game?

Coleman Watson -- A long time. This is my 4th year at Georgia. I played a little last year and a few times I went out for passes, but the play was to one of the other receivers. It felt really good.

DM -- And it went for a touchdown, you certainly weren't going to let that one drop?

CW -- No way. I was not going to let that one go.

DM -- You might be a trivia answer to... which player caught Matthew Stafford's first TD pass...

CW -- It is funny. Coach Van Halanger mentioned that to me. I think everyone will think of that play as Stafford's first TD pass, not my first TD catch.

DM -- Do you remember your last TD catch?

CW -- I don't think I can remember. It feels like I have been here a long time. My last high school game was against Tucker. I think I caught one in that game.

DM -- An important part of being a tight end is blocking... how do you rate yourself as a blocker?

CW -- I am OK. I am good. I need to improve. Everyone needs to improve. It is the hardest part about being a tight end. Blocking is very important.

DM -- You have been behind many great tight ends, how frustrating has it been, waiting for your turn for some playing time?

CW -- It is frustrating. I thought I would play more last year. I just have to keep practicing hard and respect the coaches decision.

DM -- You have practiced at many positions here, did you ever think of changing again?

CW -- I practiced at offensive tackle and some defensive line and I was up to 280 pounds. After Ben Watson and Robert Brannon graduated they switched me to tight end. People joke around and say why don't I change again. I am comfortable at tight end. I have played it since I was a little kid.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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