Earning His Spot

Mario Raley caught an 18-yard TD reception vs Western Kentucky in the first quarter last Saturday. Now it looks like Coach Richt will let him start. He started a game in 2003, but now it looks like he is a lot more comfortable out there. How will he do against a defense that allowed 0 points in their first game of the season? Saturday night we will find out.

Dave McMahon -- This is the first SEC game of the year... it is pretty big... right?

Mario Raley -- It is big. We need to win. We know how to do it, now we got to do it.

DM -- You have been there before... it is pretty tough?

MR -- It is a hostile environment. It is loud. The fans are loud. They like to talk trash. We just have to stay focused and play our "A" game.

DM -- Last week, you got your first career TD reception... individually was this your best game?

MR -- No. I think I played good, but I can do better. I still have some learning to do.

DM -- It looks like you will start... that is big...

MR -- I have been playing hard. It is a honor, but I have to continue playing hard, because it can be taken away from me.

DM -- Mississippi State doesn't have the best offense, but South Carolina shut them out... what is so special about their defense?

MR -- They look real good on film. They are real fast to the ball.

DM -- One of the downsides to last week was there were more drops... what can you do to prevent them?

MR -- There are ball drills we can do. We are getting the tennis ball machine out again. We need to take advantage on what we can do.

DM -- Last week the numbers were way down, but this is still a good Georgia passing offense?

MR -- Most definately. We have a good receiving corp. But we can be great. We just got to get it done. That is the bottom line... getting it done.

DM -- Thank you for your time and your answers.

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