GRAYSON – Dean Legge's thoughts on Georgia commitment Conrad Obi's game against Collins Hill.

Conrad Obi is one of the most imposing-looking players I have seen in high school football in some time. He is a huge prospect, but didn't even start the contest against Collins Hill because of the way Grayson structures its defense.

In fact, Obi didn't play as many downs as I thought he would. Perhaps conditioning was an issue (several players cramped Friday night although it was not unusually hot at all), but it seemed it was Grayson's defensive scheme not to use Obi regularly on first down, which struck me as very odd.

Obi had an uneventful first quarter of the game. Neither team was offensively impressive – the game was very boring. Collins Hill won the contest 6-0, but both teams have a lot of work to do if they plan on making the playoffs from their region.

I find it very hard to think Obi won't get a look at defensive tackle at Georgia. Right now, no, he's not the proper size needed to play that spot in college, but you can already see where he is going to be in a few years. He has average pass-rushing speed, and that's the particular reason I think he'll get a look at tackle. He seemed more effective in tight spots anyway. Obi picked up his production later in the game. He's so much bigger than everyone else on the field is obvious when he makes a good play - of which he had a few last Friday night. Obi is big, but not fat - if he were to move to defensive tackle it sure would seem like a more natural fit for him in college.

Obi is massive compared to Cliff Matthews, who seems like the prototypical high school defensive end. Obi is not as fast, either. This is not to say that he won't get his shot at defensive end – it just seems to me that he could be a playmaker inside.

One other Grayson player caught my eye Friday night – junior linebacker Tristan Strong. Strong will be playing college football – maybe not in the SEC (that can be so hard to know when players are two years away from signing), but he'll play somewhere.

NOTE: The below video is NOT a highlight reel. It is every play Obi played against Collins Hill. He makes a few big plays from the middle to end of the video. I think it is a little more realistic way of seeing what a high school player is like.

Conrad Obi vs. Collins Hill

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