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Randy Cross played 13 years in the NFL and was part of 3 Super Bowl winning teams. He was also an all-pro center 3 different times. Now he one of the most respected analysts in the NFL. He has broadcasted some of the best games including the Super Bowl. This week I talked to him about broadcasting and about Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL.

Dave McMahon -- Did you start broadcasting right after finishing your NFL career?

Randy Cross -- I actually was broadcasting some while I was still playing. I was doing USFL games in the offseason. For the NFL I started with radio and then TV.

DM -- Is this something you always wanted to do?

RC -- Not really. My father was an actor and my mother was also in the entertainment business, but I wasn't crazy about it. But when I was playing there were people with the 49ers that thought I would be good at.

DM -- You broadcasted D.J. Shockley's first preseason game... what impressed you about him?

RC -- Living in Georgia, I have known about him for a long time. There is a presence about him. He can handle all kinds of pressure. He is always comfortable. He gets results.

DM -- What does he still need to work on?

RC -- There is a lot of specific techniques and mechanics that are a lot different to what he used to. Not only is getting used to the NFL, but also the west coast offense.

DM -- Georgia has a lot of great players in the NFL...

RC -- Hines Ward, Champ Bailey... I can go on... Ben Watson, Patrick Pass and more. It is widely known around the league about the quality of players coming out of the University of Georgia.

DM -- Another player was in the Super Bowl last year was Mack Strong. He has been in the NFL since 1993... what is his secret in playing so long at a high level in such a physical position?

RC -- It is all about taking care of the body and he does. Playing in the NFL these days in a 365 day-a-year job.

DM -- What about Terrell Davis, if he didn't get hurt, could you mention him with Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and some of the other all-time greats?

RC -- If he didn't get hurt I could definately see him still playing and he was one of the best.

DM -- When you were playing you played with Guy McIntyre... what was he like?

RC -- He was one of the most gifted lineman I played with. He was able to adjust to any situation. He was strong. He was country strong.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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