USC Week: Thursday News and Notes

ATHENS - Josh Kendall's news and notes from Georgia's fall practices.

PRACTICE REPORT: Georgia practiced for more than an hour at Sanford Stadium while crowd noise was pumped over the loud speakers.

"It's rare we have a bad practice when we do that because they absolutely have to concentrate," Richt said.

Wide receiver Mikey Henderson didn't practice and was declared out for Saturday's game by Richt.

TIME MANAGEMENT: Richt's fear that new NCAA clock rules would cost his team and others offensive plays was proven Saturday. The Bulldogs ran 52 offensive plays against Western Kentucky, the third-lowest of the Richt era and more than 10 fewer than last year's average.

"Do we give fans a 25 percent rebate on the money they pay because they see less football?" Richt asked.

Georgia ran just 49 plays against Arkansas last year and 51 against Florida State in the 2003 Sugar Bowl.

However, Richt acknowledged Saturday's limited number of plays wasn't entirely due to the new rules. Four potential drives were stopped after no more than one play due to Mikey Henderson's two punt returns to the end zone and two turnovers on the first play of drives.

Florida averaged 70 plays per game last year and had 58 Saturday, Coach Urban Meyer said. He attributed eight of the 12 missing plays to the new clock rules.

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville is a member of the rules committee and said the committee will look into changing the rule next year if the number of offensive plays is cut drastically.

"That's not what was intended," he said. "Hopefully, offenses will speed it up and get more plays called."

DEEP BREATH: Starting tailback Thomas Brown, who rushed for just 26 yards on 10 carries against Western Kentucky last week, was guilty only of being overeager, Richt said.

"I think he was pretty anxious to run hard, but sometimes running super hard and fast is not exactly what you need when you're running some zone schemes or some draw schemes," Richt said.

"You have to have a little more patience, a little more vision and then stick it at the right moment. I think there were a couple times he missed opportunities."

Still, Brown will start this week, Richt said.

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