Mum's the word on quarterback rotation

ATHENS – As expected, Mark Richt declined Thursday to shed any light on No. 12 Georgia's quarterback rotation heading into Saturday's game against South Carolina.

"We'll let you figure it out when it happens," Richt said after practice Thursday, which is the final day he speaks to the media on game weeks.

Senior Joe Tereshinski will start the game, and many observers expect true freshman Matthew Stafford to take over the backup role from redshirt freshman Joe Cox. Two quarterbacks will play in Columbia, but it's doubtful three will, Richt said.

The hype surrounding Stafford's first collegiate performance, a 3-for-5 fourth quarter against Western Kentucky last week, hasn't bothered Richt, he said.

"It's a problem if we the coaches get caught up in the hype and just sling a guy out there because that's what the fans want or that's what the media wants," Richt said. "Sometimes the fans think we're foolish for doing things the way we do, but if you've had enough experience in doing it, you just don't want to rush anything."

If a player goes into a game before he's ready and performs poorly, it can set that player's confidence back immeasurably, Richt said.

"Then you've hurt him and all of a sudden everybody's opinion of the guy is 180 degrees different," he said. "You can do so much damage to an ego. It just takes them a while to recover and sometimes they never recover."

If Stafford does play, he'll again be given a slimmed-down version of the offense.

"I don't want him out there confused," Richt said. "A confused football player period doesn't play very well and with a confused quarterback you've really got problems."

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