Gray's team travels to play in Arkansas

Quentin Grant caught up with Georgia commit Logan Gray on his way to Springdale, Arkansas for his team's next game.

Quentin Grant: How have things been going for you since you committed to Georgia?

Logan Gray: They've been going well. We are actually on a bus heading to Arkansas right now. We play in Springdale, Arkansas tomorrow.

Grant: How's your high school team doing by the way?

Gray: Good, we are 1-0 so far and won our first game 40-14, so we're doing well.

Grant: What were your stats last week?

Gray: I was 11/14 for 169 yards and three touchdowns.

Grant: Is your commitment to Georgia a firm commitment?

Gray: Yes, for sure.

Grant: Do you see yourself even visiting anywhere else in the future?

Gray: Unless something really drastic happens, I don't see myself visiting anywhere else.

Grant: What games are you planning on attending this season?

Gray: Yeah, I'm coming to the Colorado game and the Tennessee game.

Grant: When you are sure about where you are going as you are, do you become a recruiter for Georgia?

Gray: Yeah, for sure. I've been talking to a lot of guys. Some of the guys I talk to are commits already but I also talk to some of our guys.

Grant: Have you gotten to be friends with any of the other commits in the 2007 class?

Gray: I talk to a lot of them like Tanner Strickland, Conrad Obi, and Rennie Curran. I talk to a lot of them, but I don't see them because I live in Missouri. I do get to see a lot of them down at games. I've also been talking to Trinton Sturdivant.

Grant: Now that you think back on it, what is the main reason you decided to choose Georgia over some of the other big time schools that were recruiting you?

Gray: Probably the main reason is just comfort level. That was where I really felt the most comfortable with the coaches. Coach Bobo and Coach Richt and the whole program in general was where I felt the most comfortable. It was where I wanted to be.

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