Some More Nuggets

After looking over the first 2 games this season, I have written down some notes, nuggets, tid-bits, useful and useless facts, what have you. Some you may like and some you may not. I hope you enjoy them anyway. At the bottom, I wrote some more quotes from the South Carolina game. Enjoy.

Through 2 games... are running game, like we expected has been divided by the main 3 backs. This is how they been divided...

Thomas Brown -- 26 rushes 95 yards, 3.7 yards per attempt, 1 TD... 4 receptions, 4 yards... 30 total touches, 1 TD

Danny Ware -- 15 rushes, 112 yards, 7.5 yards per attempt, 2 TD... 2 receptions, 51 yards... 17 total touches, 2 TD

Kregg Lumpkin -- 13 rushes, 62 yards, 4.8 yards per attempt... 1 reception, 12 yards... 14 total touches, 1 TD

Also... Brannan Southerland has 3 rushes for 20 yards... and the fleet-footed Matt Stafford has 3 rushes for 53 yards... (check out Milner's quote below)


The pass distribution is as follows...

To the WR... 11 receptions... 185 yards... 1 TD

To the TE... 4 receptions... 60 yards... 1 TD

To the RB... 7 receptions... 103 yards... 0 TD

The 3 main RB as mentioned above have 7 receptions... the 3 had just 18 total last season.

Thomas Brown leads all Bulldogs with 4 receptions this season.


Here are the last 3 shutouts Georgia has posted and the game after...

2003 vs Clemson... allowed 10 points to Middle Tennessee

2000 vs New Mexico State... allowed 7 points to Arkansas

1997 vs Mississippi State... allowed 38 points in a loss to Tennessee

The last time Georgia shut out South Carolina was in 1981... The last time South Carolina shut out Georgia was in 1904... The final score in that game was 2-0. I think the under/over was 3.

In the 17 seasons in which Erk Russell was Georgia's defensive coordinator... the Dawgs posted 26 shutouts including 4 in 1971 and in 1976.


In the 12 seasons, Steve Spurrier was at Florida... his teams averaged 36.3 points per game against the Dawgs... with a low of 17 points (win in 1997). In his 2 seasons at South Carolina, his teams have scored a total of 15 points with an average of 7.5 points per game.

It was said, that a Spurrier team has not been shut out in 193 games. Not since when he was at Duke and they faced Rutgers back in 1987.

Speaking of Rutgers... they are 2-0 for the first time since 2000. This year is different. They have beaten teams from the ACC (North Carolina) and Big Ten (Illinois). In 2000 his 2 wins were vs Villanova and Buffalo.

If Rutgers keeps on winning... is Georgia still going to be able to snag recruits such as Knowshon Moreno and Kade Weston away from the Garden State?


As promised here are some more quotes following the South Carolina game...

Tony Taylor -- "This is big for us. Especially for the defense. The older guys did great and when we got to rest, the younger guys did great, too."

Martrez Milner -- "This was very important for us. We had to show that we can still compete in the SEC. If we play like this, there is no limit of what we can do."

"(Stafford) He showed a lot of composure. He can run, too. For a second, he looked like Shockley back there."

Kregg Lumpkin -- "We've been practicing having two backs in the backfield. Another tailback back there is another threat. We all want to contribute."

Paul Oliver -- "I guess we made a statement. Anytime you shutout an opponent in this atmosphere, it is incredible.

Charles Johnson -- "It doesn't get much better. Although we made mistakes, we will see them and correct them. We can be better.

"It is always a good feeling when you stop someone on the goalline. It helps out the whole team."

Coach Willie Martinez -- "We wanted to control the line of scrimmage the whole game. Goalline stops is an identity that every team wants. It is an unbelievable momentum changer."

"We talked about Erk a lot. We wanted to honor him in a style in which he established here. We have a picture of him in our meeting rooms. All of our players haven't forgotten when he spoke to the team awhile back."

"No I did not head butt anybody."

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