Georgia-Carolina: Three Key Revisited

COLUMBIA - Josh Kendall takes a look back at the three keys to Georgia's game with South Carolina.

Get consistent quarterback play

It's hard to say three interceptions and no touchdowns is consistent, but Matthew Stafford played well considering his circumstances. His weaknesses, forcing the ball and not understanding enough of the offense, can be taken care of by coaching. His strengths can't be coached at all.

Pressure Blake Mitchell

Mitchell was only sacked one time, by Hawkinsville's Charles Johnson, as the Bulldogs chose to back off in coverage as often as they brought heavy pressure. Still, Georgia's defensive line manhandled South Carolina up front, as evidenced by the six tackles for loss other than the sack.

Don't botch a punt return

Asher Allen had a quiet game, which is about the best Georgia could have hoped for. He only returned one kick for 6 yards, but he handled the Gamecocks' unorthodox style very well, one time fair catching a line drive kick to keep it from rolling deep into Bulldog territory.

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