Game One for Lineman Ian Smith

Ian Smith sat out last season as he was redshirted. This season, he was supposed to help out right away but he was suspended for the first two games. Georgia was stuck with playing with 6 maybe 7 offensive linemen. He is back and should provide depth to the offensive line that has been beat up as of late. Here is what the Cartersville native told me as he prepares for his first collegiate game.

Dave McMahon -- Everyone was excited for their first time to play a few weeks back, but you weren't allowed to play... now you are, how excited are you?

Ian Smith -- It will be great to be out there. It is like a weight off my shoulder. I feel re-energized now. I just want to go out there this week and provide depth to the line.

DM -- Did you get to see the first two games from the sidelines?

IS -- No, I watched them from home.

DM -- When was the last time you watched a game that you were apart of when you weren't being redshirted nor you were injured?

IS -- Probably my freshman year in high school.

DM -- Last year did you learn anything by watching the games and watching the offensive linemen?

IS -- You can watch what those guys do and what they say when they come back to the sidelines.

DM -- What position are you practicing at?

IS -- Both at center and split guard.

DM -- Which did you play more in high school?

IS -- I didn't play center in high school. I played guard, tackle and tight end.

DM -- How would you rate the performance by the offensive line in the first two games?

IS -- They looked good. They improved a lot in the South Carolina game.

DM -- Georgia had 6-7 offensive linemen for their first 2 games... what is a good number of linemen to have in a game to provide enough depth?

IS -- Somewhere between 10-12.

DM -- Describe the feeling that the offensive linemen get when the offense marches down the field... yard by yard... moving those chains... and getting that touchdown?

IS -- It is a great feeling. The offensive line doesn't usually get a lot of respect. There are not a lot of stats on us. We all help each other. We are a very tight group.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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