Wheaties now the breakfast of the Dawgs

ATHENS – Georgia's recruiting efforts just got a boost on the cereal aisle.

The Bulldogs, specifically head coach Mark Richt, are featured on a Wheaties cereal box that is expected to be on shelves across the Southeast beginning this week.

Richt joins the likes of baseball legend Lou Gehrig and Olympic stars Mary Lou Retton and Carl Lewis as cover art for the 82-year-old cereal company.

"That's pretty humbling there really," he said. "I know my mom will be thrilled. My wife will probably try to do something to knock me down a peg or two."

Georgia is just the fifth college football team to be featured on a box cover, joining Nebraska, Northwestern, Texas Western and Texas. Two more teams, as yet unnamed, will be on regional Wheaties covers this fall.

"I think we deserve a little bit of spotlight finally," defensive tackle Ray Gant said.

Richt resisted the urge to ask the Wheaties people to send more boxes to areas where the Bulldogs

"I'd get in trouble if I started naming names, wouldn't I?" he joked. "Any high school aged kids over 6-foot-3, 240 pounds who runs a 4.5, if you let them have a free box, that'd be good."

Recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner said the team will scan the box cover and send out a copy of it on recruiting literature to every player they are recruiting and "probably some of them that aren't even considering Georgia."

"We're going to ride it man," Garner said. "We may get some interest. To be on a Wheaties box? That's pretty big. I'm going to take advantage of it."

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