UAB Week: Legge's Five Questions

ATHENS – Dean Legge takes a look at the top five questions for Georgia's game with UAB.

5. How will the Bulldogs deal with UAB's every-now-and-then option?

If there has been one weakness Georgia has experienced over the last few seasons it's been the option. No, UAB is not an option team, but they use it enough to be dangerous. Georgia has struggled defending that sort of offense over the last few seasons because they see it so little. Don't be surprised if UAB has more rushing yards than South Carolina did the week before.

4. Will there be a let down?

That's hard to know, but it always seems to happen when Georgia plays a non-big-name school at home after a big win. Also, any non-blowout win could be perceived as a let down. Fans don't understand the talent UAB has, and the difficulty the Blazers have given to big-name schools like Tennessee and Oklahoma. If Georgia wins by more than two touchdowns it should not be considered a let down.

3. How much will players that we suspended play?

Daniel Inman, Ian Smith and Thomas Flowers return to the playing field this week. Mark Richt did not specify if Inman or Flowers would start, but they will both get lots of time back at their old spots. Ramarcus Brown has probably locked down his cornerback spot opposite Paul Oliver, but look for Flowers to get punt return work if Mikey Henderson is out injured. Inman will likely return to the starting offensive tackle spot and Smith will get heavy work at center. The return of those two offensive linemen will help Georgia from this point forward.

2. Will Georgia continue to pound the ball on the ground?

In short, yes – why change what is working? But the thing to consider about UAB is that there is a lot of talent on their defensive side of the ball – running for big numbers is not guaranteed. Stafford will need to continue to get work at quarterback. Thomas Brown, the Dawgs' number one running back, hasn't even hit his stride and the Dawgs are running all over people. Expect a heavy dose of run with enough work for Stafford to get more comfortable should he be forced to start for longer than the next few weeks.

1. How will Matthew Stafford react to being the starter?

Expect the offense to be given to Stafford to gradually progress. He is still not ready to take more than a few nuances at a time, according to Richt, so expect Stafford to continue to work within a more watered-down version of the offense. Also, Stafford's decision-making skills will be better as the season goes on. A couple of his throws against South Carolina were questionable, but he's at home this week, and should help a little, too.

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