Mudcat Returns

Marquis Elmore was the 2000 Class AA Defensive Player of the Year and almost every school was after his signature. He signed with Georgia, but he had to go to Hargraves first. At UGA, Mudcat has had injury after injury. Entering 2006, he has played a total of 13 games and recorded 5 tackles. Now he is a senior and he is hurt again, but like always he came back. This week he talked about it to me.

Dave McMahon -- This year you were hurt again... but you got in there vs South Carolina... didn't you?

Marquis Elmore -- Yes... I got in there for a couple of snaps.

DM -- Are you back at 100%?

ME -- Close, I am almost there.

DM -- What is the latest injury?

ME -- I recently had my right knee scoped again.

DM -- What did you weigh when you first got here?

ME -- Around 240 pounds.

DM -- And now...

ME -- I am around 290, maybe 295.

DM -- Do you think it is strange that you came here as a DE or LB, speed positions and now you are at DT, or a size position?

ME -- A little. My high school coach said that I would have to put on weight when I got to Georgia and I didn't want to believe him.

DM -- You have had a ton of injuries... did you ever think about quitting?

ME -- A couple of times. I wanted to after the last Sugar Bowl, but Coach Garner helped me to get through it. He has helped me out a lot.

DM -- Folkston, Georgia has had many great athletes... who do you still keep in touch with?

ME -- Champ Bailey, Boss Bailey and Ronald, too. I also talk to some of the more recent players like Justin Mincey and Justin Williams.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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