Cuff updates recruiting

Quentin Grant recently spoke with Vance Cuff about his commitment to Georgia and how his senior season is going.

Quentin Grant: How have things been going for you since Georgia?

Vance Cuff: Everything's been going great.

Grant: How's your high school team doing so far?

Cuff: We are 2-0 right now. We played a scrimmage game and won, and in our first game we only played two quarters and were rained out. But after one half they give you the game which was 28-0. We played Thomas County Central last Friday and we beat them.

Grant: How have you been playing?

Cuff: I've been playing well; right now I'm the leading receiver in our region. On defense I'm not getting too many looks.

Grant: So teams aren't throwing the ball your way much?

Cuff: No sir, but they have tried to put me in the middle so that it will be hard to avoid me. I've been playing mostly corner, but I might try some safety. Over two games I have eight tackles and four deflections.

Grant: The last time I spoke with you personally was in July and Georgia wasn't even in your top five schools, and a few weeks later you commit to them. How do you explain your turn around?

Cuff: I had gotten a phone call from them when they were able to call and I was in the middle of workouts. A lot of Colquitt people know the coaches from Georgia and one of the former head coaches Ray Goff came down. I went to the camp and just fell in love with the camp and the coaches. They were helping me out and teaching me so much and the second day they were going to take time out to be with me but my head coach had just got back from a vacation and we had to leave the first night. They thought I wasn't interested in them and that wasn't it - I really liked them. I really like the atmosphere and the coaching staff and I wanted to be a part of it.

Grant: Was Georgia where you always wanted to go in your heart, or did you decide that after attending their summer camp?

Cuff: I had it in my mind because it's close to home, but I felt like they weren't into me. I didn't think they were recruiting me heavily, but they really were. It was hard because I had gotten my phone number changed and they were trying to get in touch with me, but weren't able to reach me. Then they finally got in touch with me and invited me to the camp, but I always had Georgia in my mind. I just felt like they didn't really want to recruit me so I didn't want it to seem as if I was stuck on them and not get looked at by other schools.

Grant: What does it mean to you to be able to play your college ball so close to home?

Cuff: It's going to mean a lot. I will get so much support from my hometown. Everybody is going to want to come and visit me. Many of the people around here love Georgia.

Grant: Have you had a chance to talk with any of the other commits in your class?

Cuff: Israel Troupe and I are in the same region. We have been competing against each other and I met him at a couple of camps and I actually talked to him. After he committed he called and we talked about it and we have gotten pretty close.

Grant: You sound as if your commitment is solid with Georgia, is that true?

Cuff: Yes sir its solid, I'm going to stick with it.

Grant: Are you planning on visiting anywhere else?

Cuff: No sir, I'm not going to visit anywhere else.

Grant: What games are you planning on attending this season?

Cuff: I know I'm going to the Tennessee and the Florida games.

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