Home Sweet Home

This is A.J. Bryant's third season with the Georgia Bulldogs. Due to injuries he has been limited to just 10 receptions including a touchdown in the Sugar Bowl. In January he had shoulder surgery and nine months later he is starting. This Saturday he will be making his first career start at Sanford Stadium. How will he respond? Who knows? But he talked to me in this interview.

Dave McMahon -- You had your first start last week and now it is your first start at home... how many tickets are you getting for friends and family?

A.J. Bryant -- I get 4 tickets. I am trying to get more for more members of my family.

DM -- Is this the most comfortable you have felt with the Georgia offense?

AJB -- I feel OK. I am almost where I want to be.

DM -- How strange is it that the leading wide receiver has only 2 receptions this year?

AJB -- It is strange... we have to get better.

DM -- What do you still have to work at?

AJB -- I have to run my routes better and of course better better.

DM -- Which is more exciting for you... catching a 50-yard bomb for TD or catching a short pass and running 50 yards for a TD?

AJB -- Both are great. But I like catching a short one and streak down the field and outrun the defense.

DM -- In your opinion who is the fastest receiver on the team?

AJB -- I think I am. Demiko Goodman has crazy track speed, but I might be faster in the 40.

DM -- What about the strongest?

AJB -- I think I am. I have the highest in power clean and in the squat.

DM -- Best moves?

AJB -- I have to give it to Mikey Henderson.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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