Colorado Week: Legge's Five Questions

ATHENS – Dean Legge takes a look at the top five questions for Georgia's game with Colorado.

5. Was Quentin Moses right?

All summer long Moses said to anyone that would listen that Charles Johnson was the better defensive end. People are starting to listen to him now. Johnson has been unblockable, it seems. Moses will get his due, but with only two games left in September, it looks like Johnson has already won the month over his fellow defensive end in their yearly competition to see who plays better.

4. How much more will Matthew Stafford progress this week?

There are times when it is obvious: Stafford is going to be a star. There are other times when it is obvious: Stafford still needs a little more time to get used to his surrounding. Last week's game has each. First, Stafford's side-armed completion was an amazing throw, which showcased what his arm can do. Second, Stafford was nailed hard on a safety blitz, for which he is responsible, in the first half. If there are more firsts than seconds this week Stafford will be well on his way.

3. Are Georgia's wide receivers going to stop dropping easy catches?

So far this season Georgia has not had a big drop – at least not one that has swung the momentum of a game. But the Dawgs' wide receivers, including Kris Durham, who has the best hands of the bunch, all seem to drop the ball. The Dawgs are not dropping acrobatic-like catches, they are dropping simple, easy-to-catch balls. Now is the time to get all of that in order. For when the Vols and Gators show up in a few weeks Georgia's receivers will have no excuses if their drops cost the Dawgs a game.

2. Will Georgia earn another shutout?

The way Colorado is struggling to score it certainly seems possible. Georgia's defense has done a good job of putting itself in position to shutout opponents by keeping them scoreless and as far away from the end zone as possible in the second half. It's hard for me to think Colorado will move the ball up and down the field on the Bulldogs' stiff defense, so all Georgia needs to watch out for are big plays.

1. Will Thomas Brown get on track?

Coming into the fall Thomas Brown was far and away Georgia's best running back. But Brown has struggled to get going during games. Danny Ware seems to be seeing the field better, and Kregg Lumpkin is bruising defenders. Brown has 13 more carries than the other two backs, but is in the middle of the pack in terms of yards. Now Brown's number of carries is falling, and he could get moved down the depth chart if things continue the way they are going. The Bulldogs have not needed a big performance from Brown yet, but its time he gets going.

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