Talking about J-Lo

Jeremy Lomax is in his 3rd season as a Georgia Bulldog and last Saturday he recorded his first sack. The redshirt sophomore from Jonesboro suffered an ankle injury last season, but this season he is ready to contribute. He had 12 sacks during his senior season in high school and this year he has one... but he wants a whole lot more as he tells me in this interview...

Dave McMahon -- 3-0 and back-to-back shutouts that is where you want to be...

Jeremy Lomax -- Exactly... we work hard and we play as a team... we all know our role. We have to do our job.

DM -- You finally got your first career sack... it must have felt good...

JL -- It was great. I made an inside move and came off the edge. I dove after him and got the sack.

DM -- Do you remember your last sack?

JL -- It was back in high school. I think we played Demiko's (Goodman) team. Yeah. We played Newnan and I got a sack.

DM -- Right now there is about 5 defensive ends playing... about how many plays do you get in?

JL -- About 12-15 plays.

DM -- When you are on the sidelines... how much do you watch Quentin Moses and Charles Johnson?

JL -- I watch them a lot. Charles has a great mixture of power and finese. Quentin is all finese. So I guess you can say Charles is the beast while Q is the beauty.

DM -- Did Coach Richt talk about the situation about David Pollack?

JL -- He did talk about the situation and we all want the best for him.

DM -- You were being red-shirted when he was here, what was Pollack like?

JL -- He was amazing. He was always going 110% and if he wasn't he would go 120% the next time.

DM -- Who is the better J-Lo... you, or Jennifer Lopez or Jared Lorenzen?

JL -- Oh, it's me. All day it's me. Jennifer Lopez is second.

DM -- Thank you and I agree Lopez hasn't registered a sack yet this season.

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