Last week vs UAB, Fernando Velasco won the SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week. The junior from Wrens graded out at 90% and had 2 dominator blocks. Awards are nothing new to Fernando. At Georgia he has won 2 Iron Man Awards and last spring he won the Most Improved Lineman Award. What does he do for an encore? I don't know... but he did talk to me on Monday.

Dave McMahon -- How did you first hear that you won SEC Player of the Week?

Fernando Velasco -- One of my buddies called me and told me. Later on Coach Richt announced it when he talked to the whole team about our honors.

DM -- It is nice to have honors for offensive lineman... since they don't have stats, it is nice that they are recognized...

FV -- I am glad. I was recognized for my hard work and that it pays off. Although we have to keep working and improving.

DM -- Speaking of improving... the line has improved since week one...

FV -- We have been getting better each week. We have to.

DM -- Has the added depth helped?

FV -- It has, but when we got Dan and Ian back from suspension we lost Turner for awhile. We just got to continue to work hard.

DM -- There hasn't been a lot of depth so far... how much have you been playing on offense?

FV -- The first two games I was out there every play and the last game I was subbed with 8-10 minutes left to play.

DM -- Do you find it tougher run blocking or pass protecting?

FV -- They are both the same. We have to practice both a lot. Whatever the coaches tell us to do we do.

DM -- You have had a lot of great offensive linemen here while you have been at school... which player have you learned the most from?

FV -- It has to be Max Jean-Gilles... Just the way he worked was great. We still keep in touch. He calls and text messages me before the games all the time.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck winning another player of the week award.

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