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JONESBORO – Dean Legge's thoughts on Georgia recruit Morgan Burnett.

Because of Georgia's day game with UAB the next day I had to stay relatively close to the Athens/Atlanta area last weekend. I decided to take in one of the most talked-about recruits in Georgia: Morgan Burnett.

Burnett's North Clayton team was playing #1-ranked Northside Warner Robins. Burnett did just about everything for his team. He plays wide receiver, quarterback, safety and place kicker – although he seems to struggle kicking the ball.

Burnett is well put together physically. He's got good speed and appears to have good hips. I think his anticipation could improve some, but that's hard to know or quantify that for sure.

Burnett has a good pair of hands. He caught a low tunnel screen and worked his way up the field with it, and twice went into the air and made big catches for his team. On defense he twice batted away balls from the opposition. Northside tried to run away from Burnett as much as possible.

The thing about Burnett that is important is that he makes plays. Was his performance breathtaking? No. But he was there all night long and when North Clayton started to struggle he started making plays to get them back into the game. He didn't have an interception to turn the tide, North Clayton fell 28-21, but he had a hand in nearly every Eagle score. Twice he scored touchdowns – one coming on a busted play.

He seems like a safety to me. I don't think he's a receiver in college, but that may change. Burnett is a weapon on offense and a player that seemingly makes every tackle that comes his way. There were times when he took the wrong angle, and that cost his team. But on the whole coaches need to know where Burnett is, and that's why he's one of the top players in Georgia.

NOTE: Georgia recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner watched Burnett during this game. Burnett struggled with cramps for a brief time late in the game. The below video is NOT a highlight reel. It is about 35% of the downs Burnett played against Northside – specifically the ones he was involved in. I think it is a little more realistic way of seeing what a high school player is like.

Morgan Burnett vs. Northside Warner Robins

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