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In a world where punters stab other punters in the leg, Georgia is proud to have a man like Gordon Ely-Kelso. Gordon has improved every year he has been here. This season he has punted 9 times for a net average of 41.5 yards per punt. He is also one of the best in hangtime and pinning the ball inside the opponents 20-yard line. He tells me what it is like being the punter in this interview.

Dave McMahon -- You have always punted well... but this season you are doing very well... are you doing anything different?

Gordon Ely-Kelso -- Not really... in punting sometimes there is a little bit of luck involved... everyone is going to have a bad punt, fortunately I have not had one yet this season.

DM -- Your hang time seems better, too...

GEK -- That is one of my strengths. It is something we focus on here.

DM -- You are also the holder this year... if you and Brandon Coutu are such close friends, how come you haven't held before this year?

GEK -- I never really thought of it. We have always had a good holder in Lee Jackson. He did a great job.

DM -- When you hold the ball during practice... have you ever thought about "pulling a Lucy" and snagging the ball away like she did to Charlie Brown?

GEK -- No. I am afraid that would hurt him.

DM -- You kicked a 65-yard field goal fooling around in practice, but during the Western Kentucky game, Brandon kicked a 66-yarder during halftime drills... have you hit 66 yet?

GEK -- No

DM -- You were a placekicker in high school... do you miss it?

GEK -- Not really. I wasn't too accurate in high school.

DM -- You also played soccer in high school... besides Brandon who else on the team do you think could be a good soccer player?

GEK -- Tony Taylor was a great goalie in high school. A.J. Bryant tells me he is good, but I haven't seem him play.

DM -- Who would be the worst?

GEK -- Probably some of the linemen.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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