Some Things You May Not Know

The Bulldogs won again. Georgia is 4-0 and all their fans are happy... well sort of. Comeback wins are exciting, but usually it is exciting when a team comes back against a team that they are not supposed to win against. Coming back against an 0-3 team usually drives you crazy. That is something you probably know already. On the other hand here are things that you might not know...

As always I am starting by taking a look at the 3 running backs...

Thomas Brown -- 39 rushes, 114 yards, 2.9 yards per attempt, 1 TD... 6 receptions, 57 yards... 6 kickoff returns, 152 yards... 51 total touches, 323 yards

Danny Ware -- 29 rushes, 177 yards, 6.1 yards per attempt, 2 TD... 6 receptions, 100 yards... 35 total touches, 277 yards

Kregg Lumpkin -- 35 rushes, 168 yards, 4.8 yards per attempt, 2 TD... 3 receptions, 29 yards... 1 kickoff return, 11 yards... 39 total touches, 208 yards

By the way... Brannan Southerland has just 7 total touches, but has 2 touchdowns.


Here is a look at the pass distribution...

To the WR... 25 receptions (49.0%)

To the TE... 8 receptions (15.7%)

To the RB... 18 receptions (35.3%)

Last year, the 3 big running backs combined for 18 receptions... through 4 games, they have 15.

The wide receivers may have 25 receptions, but just 1 TD catch. On the other hand, the tight ends have 8 receptions and 2 TD catches.


The 14-13 score seems normal enough, but do you know that is just the 8th time in Georgia history that the Bulldogs won by the score of 14-13. The last time was in 1977 when Georgia defeated Ole Miss. The first time was in 1926 when the Dawgs defeated Georgia Tech.

The last time Georgia won by just 1 point was in 1999 when Georgia defeated LSU 23-22. The year before that the Bulldogs defeated those same Tigers by 1 point by the score of 28-27. In fact the first time Georgia and LSU faced each other, it was a 1 point game. Unfortunately the Bayou Bengals defeated the Dawgs 13-12 way back in 1928 when the game was played at Sanford FIELD!


Georgia allowed just 13 points last Saturday. Yes it was the most they allowed this season, but the low number is still pretty impressive.

Georgia has now allowed less than 14 points in 27 of 69 games under Mark Richt... or 39.1%. Not bad, since Georgia allowed that number in just 1 game in Richt's first season.

Other years include...

2001 - 1 time

2002 - 7 times

2003 - 7 times

2004 - 3 times

2005 - 5 times

2006 - 4 times


The big picture is that the Bulldogs are 4-0. This is the 4th time that Georgia has started 4-0 in the 2000's and yes there are still 3 more years to add to that number. The years this decade that Georgia has started by winning their first 4 games are 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Which decade has Georgia started 4-0 the most times? The 1980's?... NO... The 1940's?... NO... Would you believe the 1930's. Led by Head Coaches Harry Mehre and Joel Hunt, the Bulldogs were 4-0 after 4 games a total of 5 times in the 1930's.

In the 1980's, Georgia started 4-0 just 2 times... even the 1990's had more with 3.

Here is a look at each decade...

1890's -- 1 time (1896 the Bulldogs finished the season 4-0 under Head Coach Pop Warner... yes that Pop Warner.)

1900's -- 0 times

1910's -- 4 times (not bad since Georgia did not play football in 1917 nor 1918 due to the war... in 1919, Georgia started 4-0 and shutout each opponent as well.)

1920's -- 2 times

1930's -- 5 times

1940's -- 3 times

1950's -- 0 times

1960's -- 2 times

1970's -- 2 times

1980's -- 2 times

1990's -- 3 times

2000's -- 4 times

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