Full Throttle

Do you know Georgia is averaging more points per game than they averaged last season? This season they are at 33.3, last season they were at 29.5. The big difference is the yards. Last season they averaged 391.2 yards per game, compared to 317.7 this season. Last Saturday Georgia trailed 13-0 in the 4th until Brannan Southerland caught a pass for a score. Today I spoke to him about the offense.

Dave McMahon -- Last Saturday... the game was getting scary... wasn't it?

Brannan Southerland -- We couldn't catch a break. Colorado came ready and did their thing. Everything they did early worked. Everything we tried did not.

DM -- Describe your touchdown...

BS -- Joe Cox threw a perfect pass and the line was out there blocking and I just took off. I didn't have to do much.

DM -- At times the offense hasn't clicked... what has gone wrong?

BS -- It has been the little things. We have been one drop away. One missed block away. One breaking tackle away. One penalty away. We have the players in every position. We are so ready to blow up.

DM -- You have been with this team now three years, have you ever seen Thomas Brown struggle this much?

BS -- What is strange is that he is more prepared this year. He has worked harder this year. He is so competitive. He will be back.

DM -- In the beginning of the 4th quarter you were trailing 13-0. What was said on the sidelines?

BS -- Coach Callaway was telling us that we have to do it now. We have to.

DM -- Was there a player that was more vocal than the others in the huddle?

BS -- No one had their heads down. We knew we could do it. Nick Jones was very loud. He is our leader.

DM -- Looking forward... what do you know about Ole Miss's defense?

BS -- Patrick Willis is a great player. He is their leader. They have a good secondary. They are fast. They are like a typical SEC defense. They are fast and they come prepared.

DM -- Do you like day games or night games?

BS -- Both have advantages. In day games, you get up, eat breakfast, you warm up and then you play. In night games, you have a couple meals, maybe watch other games, but there is a lot of waiting. The atmosphere is great at night. It is fun under the lights, it reminds you of high school.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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