Q Stands For Quality

Quentin Moses feels like he is having a great year even though statistically the senior defensive end is not where he is used to be. The pre-season All-American has just 1 sack after 4 games. Last year he had 11 1/2 sacks and has 21 1/2 in his career. But he is not complaining. This week I talked to him about the game last week and the game ahead and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- The team is 4-0 which is great, but your individual stats are way down... how frustrating is that for you?

Quentin Moses -- The team comes first. We are winning and that is the most important thing.

DM -- Has it been that you are being double-teamed more?

QM -- No, it is more than I am missing opportunities.

DM -- What did Colorado do differently than what the first 3 teams did?

QM -- Their speed. The ran a lot of boots. We couldn't set up as much as we were used to.

DM -- Was this game a wake-up call for the team?

QM -- We knew they were going to be tough. They have the ability to win. You can't take anyone lightly.

DM -- Ole Miss is this week... what do you remember about Brent Schaeffer?

QM -- He is an incredible athlete. We recruited him to come to Georgia, but he chose Tennessee instead. He makes great plays.

DM -- From watching films, what can you tell us about BenJarvis Green-Ellis?

QM -- He is a hard nose runner. You can't arm tackle him. You pretty much have to gang tackle him.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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