Saturday Night Fever

Playing football under the lights is something special. In high school you play night games, but that is in front of a few hundred to a few thousand fans. In college you are in front of a lot more. There in excitement everywhere. The players and the fans are both pumped up. I had a chance to talk to a few players and I asked them about their first college night game and this is what they said.

Remarcus Brown -- Last year at Mississippi State. It was also my first road game. I was so excited. I just wanted to play.

Danny Verdun-Wheeler -- I remember my first one as a starter was at South Carolina. It was 2 years ago. They had one of those "blackout" games. They were winning, but we came back. Our sidelines and our fans were going crazy.

Tra Battle -- I don't remember the game, but I remember it was so exciting. It was so loud. I remember that we had a lot of time to prepare and a long wait. Some of the other players would watch other games during the day. I watched more game film.

Quentin Moses -- There was a lot of excitement. Fans have all day to get crazy.

Brandon Coutu -- It wasn't my first one, but last year vs Auburn was so loud. We did not win, but it was crazy.

Mikey Henderson -- Last year vs Auburn was the greatest atmosphere I have been apart of. It was crazy. The fans like night games because they have a longer time to do whatever they do. Whatever makes them happy. The fans let it all out.

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