Keep On Kicking

Brandon Coutu is having another great season. He is currently 7-for-8 in field goals which is currently tied for 7th in the nation. His 55-yard field goal this season is tied for the longest by any kicker. The 55-yarder is not even his career-high. Last season he connected on a 58-yard shot. This week he found time to talk to me about what else... kicking.

Dave McMahon -- Big comeback last week... last minute touchdown and the important extra point... crazy game...

Brandon Coutu -- It was an exciting game. That is what you want college football to be about. We never quitted. Nobody quitted.

DM -- There has been a lot of extra points missed recently... what is up with that?

BC -- I don't think about that. You have to remember these things aren't a given.

DM -- Kicking field goals is looking good, too...

BC -- I think I am at the same spot I was last year. I am so happy about my snapper and holder. It is such an improvement from two-a-days.

DM -- What is the longest field goal you have ever tried in a practice or just warming up?

BC -- I made one from 66-67 yards this past week and during the Western Kentucky halftime.

DM -- Why haven't you tried a further one?

BC -- I don't know... that's pretty far.

DM -- How about Morten Andersen coming back...

BC -- He is unbelievable. There is just 32 spots and he has one of them.

DM -- You are from Athens... who is the first Georgia kicker you remember watching?

BC -- I think it was Hap Hines.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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