Some Things You May Not Know

Five games, five wins... once again Georgia fans got a scare. But the Bulldogs still don't have a tailback with more than 2 touchdowns and the wide receivers have 1 touchdown total. Quentin Moses is playing well, but has just 1 sack and the defense has just 3 interceptions. But the most important fact is what was stated above... five games, five wins. Here are more things you may not know...

Every week I start with the running back by committee...

Kregg Lumpkin -- 48 rushes, 269 yards, 2 TD... 3 receptions, 29 yards... 1 kickoff return, 11 yards... 52 total touches, 309 yards, 2 TD

Thomas Brown -- 43 rushes, 124 yards, 1 TD... 6 receptions, 57 yards... 8 kickoff returns, 208 yards... 57 total touches, 389 yards, 1 TD

Danny Ware -- 33 rushes, 188 yards, 2 TD... 8 receptions, 116 yards... 41 total touches, 304 yards, 2 TD

also... Brannan Southerland -- 16 total touches, 4 TD


Here is the pass distribution again...

To the WR... 30 receptions (48.4%)

To the TE... 9 receptions (14.5%)

To the RB... 23 receptions (37.1%)


The 3 leading receivers so far are Martrez Milner, Danny Ware and A.J. Bryant. Each have 8 receptions.

Last season Leonard Pope led Georgia in receiving, but the time before that which a tight end led Georgia in receiving was in 1989 when Kirk Warner led the Dawgs.

The last time a running back led Georgia in receiving was in 1986 when Lars Tate led the Dawgs.


This season Georgia has held an opponent in single-digit scoring 3 times. Last season, the Bulldogs did it twice and 2 times in 2004 as well. In 2002 and 2003 they did it 4 times in each season, but Mark Richt's first season here he did it just once.

What about some other seasons... how did Georgia do?

During the 1980 National Championship season, they did it 4 times. In 1946 they did 5 times and in 1942 they did it 8 times.

In 1964, Vince Dooley's first season at the helm, the Bulldogs did it 8 times as well.

Have they done it more than 8? Yes!!! Back in 1919 Georgia did it in all 9 games they played that season... Unfortunately for the Dawgs, W.A. Cunningham's boys finished just 4-2-3.


Did you know that Tennessee is Georgia's only SEC opponent that the only games played have been in the 2 school's towns!!!

Alabama games have also been played in Columbus, Montgomery, Birmingham and Atlanta.

Arkansas games have also been played in New Orleans, Dallas, Memphis, Shreveport and Atlanta.

Auburn games have also been played in Atlanta, Montgomery, Savannah and Columbus.

Florida games have also been played in Macon, Tampa, Savannah and of course Jacksonville.

Kentucky games have also been played in Louisville.

LSU games have also been played in Columbus and Atlanta.

Ole Miss games have also been played in Memphis, Atlanta and Jackson.

Mississippi State games have also been played in Atlanta and Jackson.

South Carolina games have also been played Augusta.

Vanderbilt games have also been played in Atlanta.

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