Get Low, Get Low, Get Low

Coming out of high school Kade Weston was rated the 3rd best defensive tackle in the nation. Many thought he would play right away, but the New Jersey native redshirted instead. Now in his 2nd season here, Kade is getting a significant amount of playing time. In fact he is starting. Against Ole Miss he had a career-high 3 tackles. Today I had a chance to talk to him about playing for UGA.

Dave McMahon -- You played pretty well last week vs Ole Miss... was that your best game as a Georgia Bulldog?

Kade Weston -- No, I don't think so. I am still learning. I have to work on my fundamentals more.

DM -- How comfortable are you out there?

KW -- I am getting more comfortable. I still have to get lower during the plays.

DM -- How much do you weigh now?

KW -- I am at 312 pounds.

DM -- You, Jeff Owens, Geno Atkins are all getting good playing time and you add Riccardo Crawford... this looks like it could be a very strong group for years to come.

KW -- Yes it does, but we have to keep getting better. But we have seniors here too that are looking good.

DM -- One of the seniors is Ray Gant, how much does he make you laugh?

KW -- He jokes around a lot, but when it's business it's business.

DM -- Tennessee has had great offensive lines in the past, what can you tell me about this year's group?

KW -- They have a couple returning starters that all know how to play. Tennessee will come ready.

DM -- Being from New Jersey... are you a Giants fan, Jets fan, or neither?

KW -- I like the Jets.

DM -- And speaking of Jersey... what is the deal with Rutgers?

KW -- They are playing some ball up there. They look really good.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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