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All summer long, Coach Richt talked about how great Paul Oliver was doing. It seemed like he had an interception everyday. So far during the real season, he has looked good, but on Saturday, he had his first pick. It was his 5th of his career. The team only has 3 all season. In the first game alone last season, the Dawgs had 4. The junior cornerback tells me what is going on in this interview.

Dave McMahon -- Finally got that first interception under your belt...

Paul Oliver -- Yep. I am glad I got finally got one. It felt good.

DM -- Can you describe the play?

PO -- It was down the sideline. I was looking at the quarterback and he was looking at me. I was hoping he would throw it in my direction, but I was surprised he did. I read it right.

DM -- Last season the team had so many interceptions. They only have 3 this year... why do you think that is?

PO -- We are running many of the same coverages from last year. But, we are missing some assignments. We have had opportunities, but we have been dropping too many chances.

DM -- There are a lot of young corners on the team... do you feel like the 'old man'?

PO -- Yes. I think I am the oldest.

DM -- What do you remember about Erik Ainge?

PO -- How composed he is. He played against us as a freshman and we couldn't rattle him.

DM -- What about Tennessee's receivers?

PO -- They are big and physical and have great speed. They are a complete set. They go 2-3 deep on each side. They run well, but run after the catch even better.

DM -- This is a big game for the SEC East...

PO -- If we want to win the SEC, we have to win this one. We could still win if we lose. But, we don't think that way.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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