Tereshinski on pace to be starter

ATHENS – Georgia coach Mark Richt has seen enough – enough of his young quarterbacks to know they're not the answer yet and enough of Joe Tereshinski's ankle to know the senior is ready to play.

"I'm very confident that Joe should be our starter, and I'm very confident that (Matthew) Stafford should be our No. 2," Richt said Tuesday. "I don't think anything would happen to change that unless (Tereshinski) rolls his ankle again in practice."

Tereshinski, who has been out since suffering a high ankle sprain Sept. 9 vs. South Carolina, convinced Richt he should start against Tennessee with a relatively pain-free practice Monday.

"You'd think he might have been a little rusty in his footwork and passing," Richt said, "but he was very business-like. I'm sure he was trying to prove to me that he feels good, so even if he wanted to limp, he wasn't about to."

Richt admitted Tuesday that he's more confident with Tereshinski under center than either Stafford or freshman Joe Cox.

"We need some more leadership on offense," he said. "Our quarterbacks, for being young, have handled things pretty well, but it's tough to be a confident leader when you're really just feeling your way. Joe (Tereshinski) is very confident. He knows exactly what he's doing."

Richt will enter the game planning to play Stafford regardless of how Tereshinski performs, he said.

"Hopefully, in the first half, but I wouldn't promise anything," he said. "Who knows what could happen in the game. We've gone into some games thinking one thing and it turned out something totally different."

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