Felt Like Running

This is Tony Ball's 1st season as the Georgia running backs coach. So far his stable of backs have been good, but not great. The Dawgs are 8th in the SEC in rushing, but they are 6th in yards per attempt and 3rd in TD rushes. So the numbers don't all add up. Last Saturday Kregg Lumpkin recorded his first 100-yard game vs Ole Miss. I recently talked to Coach Ball about the running back situation.

Dave McMahon -- You haven't been here too long... but how impressed are you of Kregg Lumpkin from where he was to where he is now?

Tony Ball -- When I first came to Georgia I watched all the backs on the computer. Overall I liked what I saw in Kregg. I saw his athleticism. I saw his quick feet. Then I saw him and he was a little out of shape and did not have a lot of confidence when he ran the ball. I would constantly call on him about certain plays on the field to keep him on his toes. He has been working real hard and he is very coachable and it shows. Now he is looking real good.

DM -- He is a quiet leader, too...

TB -- He is one of those guys that you have to talk to first if he is going to talk. He speaks when he plays.

DM -- Another quiet one is Thomas Brown... but on Saturday he was seen on TV yelling and cheering on Kregg... which shows the character of him after all he lost his job to him...

TB -- All of the backs are close. They all pull for each other.

DM -- Is Thomas just one broken tackle away from breaking a big run?

TB -- He has had the misfortune of being back there when the opposing defenses have had the most penetration. This week he worked extremely hard. He is overdue for a big run. This would be a great week to have it.

DM -- What about Danny Ware?

TB -- He has performed well when given the opportunity. I thought this past week he had chances to make bigger plays.

DM -- Brannan Southerland has looked good at the goalline...

TB -- He has not disappointed me at all. He has a lot of ability. He does a lot of things right. He runs and blocks. He catches the ball well, but protects the ball once he catches the ball. He is much better at that than he was last year. I think he has more touches this year than all of last year.

DM -- It looks like Knowshon Moreno will redshirt... how is he taking it?

TB -- He understands it. He continues to learn things everyday.

DM -- You were a former WR coach as well... do you ever give pointers or advice on some WR drills?

TB -- Not unless I am asked to. I respect what they do. I am concentrating on my job. If they ask for advice I will definately give some.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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