Doing It All

Kelin Johnson has been everywhere this season for the Georgia Bulldogs. He currently has 27 tackles which makes him 2nd on the team. Added to that he has an interception, a fumble recovery and 2 sacks... all this from the safety position. Georgia ranks number one in scoring defense, but their next test is Tennessee and when big orange comes to down the Dawgs have to be ready says Kelin Johnson.

Dave McMahon -- Tennessee is Georgia's first big test... isn't it?

Kelin Johnson -- It makes no difference who we play... we have to play hard. Tennessee is the biggest and most physical team so far. We will work hard, Coach Martinez will make sure we will work hard and be ready.

DM -- What about Erik Ainge, he's pretty good...

KJ -- He is powerful. He's a junior now and he knows his offense. He is patient and he makes some amazing plays. He is not fast, but he doesn't get sacked that often.

DM -- How would you rate the play of the safties right now?

KJ -- I don't think we are very good right now. We need to communicate better and make more plays. We have to work harder and play Georgia ball!!!

DM -- I noticed you have got to the quarterback a few times and made some sacks... tell me about it...

KJ -- I give all the credit to the D-Line and the linebackers. They make it possible for someone to come in and make a big play.

DM -- What do you remember from the first time you played Tennessee?

KJ -- They have a lot of energy. The players have it and so do their fans. I think both sides are going to be real enthusiastic.

DM -- Your former teammate Greg Blue had a big hit this weekend, did you see it?

KJ -- Not yet. I heard about it. A couple of my friends told me about it.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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