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SUWANEE – Dean Legge's thoughts on Georgia recruit Cameron Heyward.

By now most people know that Cameron Heyward is the son of former NFL running back Craig "Ironhead" Heyward. When I was younger I was able to watch Cameron play AAU basketball with a good friend of mine's son. It's strange to watch Cameron run with the same motion he did when he was 12 and 13 - there is no mistaking that trot. It's a shame his father is not around to see it. Ironhead was passionate about watching Cameron play ball.

Heyward is a very large high school football player – one of the biggest I have seen this season. He's playing in very difficult Gwinnett County, which means he is going up against the top talent in Georgia across the board. However, I don't think he's getting challenged in high school. He's the most athletic defensive tackle I have watched up close in some time. Heyward is not sloppy, and is without question not fat.

There are times Heyward makes mistakes – maybe he does not stay in his gap as long as he should, or he guesses. But by in large, Heyward is a dominating high school football player. It was virtually impossible for South Forsyth to run the ball up the gut, and often Heyward was there to stop sweeps and traps.

Heyward is not a project by any means, but like all high school players he's got some work to do in order to get himself ready for college. He could add some weight and get his technique down more, but at some point you are getting nit picky – this guy is a legit football player.

Heyward is not a celebrator – his father's personality did not rub off on him in that category. Three times in the first half Heyward made drive-ending plays, but either tossed the ball to the official or ran (the same way he's run for the last ten years) off the field. High school football is not a challenge to Heyward – not even in ultra-competitive Gwinnett County.

As far as playing in college, it seems to me that Heyward, if committed, would get a serious look playing in Athens next year. No, there is no way he would not start (very few true freshmen do at Georgia, and to expect that is almost silly), but he would fight for playing time if a few things went his way.

NOTE: The video below is NOT a highlight reel. It is about 50% of the downs Heyward played – specifically the ones he was involved in. I think it is a little more realistic way of seeing what a high school player is like.

Cameron Heyward vs. South Forsyth

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