Cuff to visit Athens unoffically

Georgia commit Vance Cuff discusses his senior season and his upcoming visit to Georgia.

Quentin Grant: Last time I spoke to you were 2-0; how has your season been going since then?

Vance Cuff: Right now we are 5-0, and I think the polls have us ranked number one in the state. The team has been doing really well.

Grant: How have you been playing?

Cuff: Last Friday we opened up our region games, and I had my first two interceptions.

Grant: So teams have started throwing the ball your way a little bit?

Cuff: Yeah, in region time they are not going to throw away from you because they don't want to expose the weak side. So they threw to my side and I picked them off twice.

Grant: When I talked to you last you said your coach had thought about moving you to safety. Have you played any safety or have you stayed a corner?

Cuff: Yes, I have played some strong safety and free safety role for the team, and I've also played corner. I got both of my interceptions at corner.

Grant: Are you visiting Georgia for the Tennessee game?

Cuff: I was going to but its homecoming weekend so I talked to the coaches and I'm going up there next weekend.

Grant: Is that an unofficial or official visit?

Cuff: Unofficial.

Grant: You are not planning on visiting anywhere else are you?

Cuff: No sir, I don't see myself visiting anywhere else.

Grant: As your senior season begins to wind down do you begin to look forward to going to Georgia more and more?

Cuff: Yes sir, everyday I look forward to it. I am having fun during my last year of high school, but I am starting to get ready.

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