Knox tries to lure other recruits to Dawgs

Statesboro safety John Knox discusses his upcoming visit to Georgia and what it will be like to be a Dawg with one of his childhood buddies.

Quentin Grant: How's your senior season going so far?

John Knox: It's been going well. We haven't been playing that much because we have been scoring so many points, and we've been getting some of the other guys some reps. I've got two interceptions, but I don't have that many tackles.

Grant: What's your record to this point?

Knox: We are 4-0

Grant: Are you visiting Georgia this weekend?

Knox: Yeah we are going to the Georgia-Tennessee game this week.

Grant: Do you feel your commitment to Georgia is pretty solid?

Knox: Yes, I've loved Georgia since I was little so I think I made the perfect pick.

Grant: You aren't planning on visiting any other schools are you?

Knox: Not really, I thought about it but every time I go to Georgia I know I don't have to look at other schools.

Grant: What's it like being committed with at teammate like your buddy Justin?

Knox: Justin and I have known each other since the third grade. There's no difference we both liked Georgia when we were little.

Grant: Are you guys planning on rooming together?

Knox: Yes sir, definitely.

Grant: Now that you know where you are going and recruiting for you is over, when you go to the game this weekend do you try and recruit guys who haven't committed?

Knox: Yes, I try with guys like Caleb King and Allen Bailey. I try to talk to them about coming to Georgia so we can have the best class of '07. I also try to talk some of my teammates into going to Georgia.

Grant: What is the main reason you decided to commit to Georgia?

Knox: I've always liked them, but when we went up there they welcomed us and acted like we were already family. I just fell in love with the atmosphere up there.

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