Gray on the way to Athens for visit

Logan Gray and company have been piling up the wins in Missouri. See what this future Dawg has to say about his team's performance thus far and his upcoming visit to Athens.

Quentin Grant: You guys have been having quite the season thus far. You are undefeated at 5-0 and ranked number one in Missouri. How have you been playing?

Logan Gray: Yes sir we are having a great season. I'm playing pretty good so far this year. I have like twelve touchdown passes and only two interceptions. I also have three or four rushing touchdowns too. We haven't played too many fourth quarters because out team has been playing really well and we are off to a good start.

Grant: Is your goal to win a state championship?

Gray: For sure, that's definitely our goal for the season and we would feel like we were falling short if we did anything else.

Grant: Do you feel any added pressure when your team is number one in the state and you are such a high profile player on a great team?

Gray: I think so, and I hope so. Anytime you are number one you have people gunning for you trying to knock you out of the top position, and it's definitely a lot of pressure for me too. We do have some marquee guys on our team and I think we are handling pretty well.

Grant: Do you have any big games coming up?

Gray: This week we have a big game. We play the number three team in the state, Rockhurst out of Kansas City, which should be a good one. We are at home and if we play well I think we'll definitely take care of business so we'll see how things go.

Grant: Is this an unofficial or official visit to Georgia this weekend?

Gray: This is my official.

Grant: Are you looking forward to making the trip?

Gray: Yes sir, very much so. Georgia has been struggling a little as of late on offense but they are still undefeated and hopefully they can come in and make a statement and get a big win.

Grant: Have you been able to watch them on TV at all?

Gray: I have and I haven't missed a game. I was also down there for the Colorado game.

Grant: You aren't planning on taking any other visits are you?

Gray: No sir.

Grant: Are you going to try and get back to Georgia this season or is this going to be you last trip?

Gray: This will probably be my last trip to Georgia this year because of the distance.

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