A New Role

For his first 2 seasons, Thomas Brown has been the man. This season has been another story. He is averaging under 3 yards per rush this season and last game he was no longer the starter. He has helped out other ways. He has 6 catches this season and has been averaging 26 yards per kickoff return. If the Tucker native continues to work hard we might be able to see the Thomas Brown we are used to.

Dave McMahon -- How has practice been this week?

Thomas Brown -- It has been going good. Everyone is focus. This is a big game for us... not because it is Tennessee, but because it is the next one.

DM -- I have seen you in the weight room right after practice... is this something you have always done... or just recently?

TB -- I am doing it more and more. I wasn't doing it much before because of my class schedule, but not I am doing it more.

DM -- How hard is it for you not starting anymore?

TB -- It was one of the hardest things for me. It was a humbling experience. I have to work hard to get it back.

DM -- You are helping other ways... you have been doing well on kickoff returns...

TB -- I have to help the team whatever way I can.

DM -- And actually you and the rest of the running backs are also catching the ball more... this is a good way to get everyone touches, right?

TB -- Yes. All of us have good hands and the quarterbacks are comfortable with us.

DM -- Tell me about Tennessee's defense?

TB -- They are real fast and they hit real hard. Their fans are real loud, too.

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