Into Battle

Tra Battle is the only Georgia defensive back that was a starter last season. Tra has now started 18 total games and has done very well for himself. His 25 tackles are good for third on the team. The Tennessee game provides Battle and the rest of the Bulldog defense their toughest test so far this season. The senior sat down with me this week to talk about his season.

Dave McMahon -- Right now, the Georgia defense is ranked #1 in the nation, but this is Tennessee coming up... tell me about them...

Tra Battle -- They have a lot of big guys with a lot of speed. Their backs are bruisers. Two of the backs are freshmen and we haven't seen them yet, but they look good.

DM -- I talked to Kelin Johnson the other day and he wasn't happy how the safties were playing... what are your thoughts?

TB -- We have nowhere near reached our potential especially in the last 2 games. We need to get better.

DM -- You don't have an interception this season yet, how close have you been?

TB -- I dropped an opportunity vs South Carolina and another one last week.
DM -- What one part must the defense improve on?

TB -- Tackles. We have a lot of missed tackles.

DM -- Is there extra pressure on the defense this season since the offense has struggled so much?

TB -- I don't think so. They are like us. They haven't lived up to their potential.

DM -- Is this week being a night game helps?

TB -- It helps me because I can watch more film.

DM -- Thank you for your time and your answers.

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