Boling discusses trip to Athens

Clint Boling discusses his experience at Georgia for the Tennessee game.

Quentin Grant: Did you enjoy your visit with Georgia yesterday?

Clint Boling: I had a really good time. The atmosphere was really good even though they didn't play well, but I had a lot of fun there.

Grant: I wasn't able to attend the game but I watched it on TV and it sounded like it was extremely loud; was that the case?

Boling: Yeah it was really loud especially when the game started. When they scored the place just erupted.

Grant: When you are in that atmosphere does it make you even more excited about going to Georgia next year?

Boling: Yes, it's really exciting that I am going to be playing there in front of 90,000. It's a pretty good feeling.

Grant: What other recruits did you see and hang out with yesterday?

Boling: I saw Trinton Sturdivant, Tanner Strickland, Logan Gray, Aaron White, and Charles White and talked to them for a while. I pretty much talked to a lot of the commits and I also talked to Eric Berry and Cliff Matthews.

Grant: Did Berry or Matthews say anything about possibly coming to Georgia?

Boling: I was talking to Cliff Matthews a little bit, and I had talked to him at another Georgia game I was at. I didn't talk to him about what school he was going to, but he did say he was going to take official visits to South Carolina and Clemson. He did look like he was having a good time though.

Grant: Do you have any other trips to Georgia planned this season?

Boling: Yeah, I will probably go to the rest of the home games still. I may go on another visit or we actually have season tickets there, but I should be going to the rest of the home games.

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