Ahmad Paige Visits the Dawgs

Scout.com five-star wide receiver Ahmad Paige is a verbal commitment to Florida State, but that's not stopping him from taking all of his official visits. Paige was in Athens, (Ga.) this weekend for an official visit with the Bulldogs.

"I went to Georgia for an official visit," said Ahmad Paige from Sterlington, (Louis.). "It went great. I had a lot of fun. I got into Georgia around 9:30 a.m. Saturday. I basically toured the facilities and the schools. I met with a counselor and talked about my major."

"I was with coach [John] Eason and [Mark] Richt for a while before the game began. I hung out on the field before the game and went in the locker room afterwards. I went out with some of the players that night."

Paige was surprised with the size of the campus, and he was blown away with the atmosphere.

"It's a huge campus," he said. "It's big! Athens is a great college town. There is a lot of fun and excitement. Especially for a football game."

"Before the game I was on the field while the players were warming up. About 15-20 minutes before game the players going crazy. It's a college atmosphere. It was great. The fans were going crazy. It was unbelievable. To be honest, I don't think there is another atmosphere like it."

During his visit Paige was paired with Georgia starting receiver A.J. Bryant as his official visit host.

"A.J. Bryant was cool. He is a real cool guy. I hung out with A.J. and Mohamed Massaquoi. They were great. They were respectable. Some guys are bad to be around, but they were great. I could see myself around those guys," Paige said.

The nation's fourth best receiver spent time Sunday with coach Richt and coach Eason.

"I sat with Coach Richt today. I went in his office for about 30 minutes. We talked about life. I was waiting for coach Eason out in the lobby, and Coach Richt walked out. We just were shooting the breeze. They said I wasn't scheduled to visit with him yet, but he said come on in his office."

"I really like coach Eason. He is my recruiting coach, and he is the receivers' coach. He is really the only one from Georgia who texts or calls me. Our relationship is more of a father-son relationship. He said he doesn't get mad at his players, but he gets disappointed. He said at one point when he was coaching at Florida State he was regarded as the top receivers coach in the nation."

"He asked me what my goals were, and I told him hopefully one day to play in the NFL. I said I wanted to get my degree. He said his goals were his memories. He has been in the NFL and has a college degree. He said he could help me reach my goals. He could make me a better person and player. He and coach Richt really gave me something to think about."

Paige remains a verbal commitment to the Seminoles, but several things have his attention with the Bulldogs.

"I like the way the coaching staff and the players carry themselves," Paige said. "They don't nag at you. They call and do what they are suppose to do. They do everything the right way. They recruit you the right way. They were telling me every year they take the whole team to church. They'll go to an all-white, all-black and catholic churches. It's a nice bonding experience for the team."

"I like their academics. They were ranked in the top five. The thing that stood out was they said everyone who has come to Georgia to take the physical therapy test has passed. It's a 100 percent ratio. That is amazing."

When asked if the Seminoles still lead for his signature Paige replied, "Florida State is still leading, but Georgia is definitely in the running. I am still going to go on the rest of my visits. Coach [Mark] McHale, from Florida State, said have fun, but not too much fun when I was going on my visit to Georgia."

"Coach Eason came by my school last week and said Florida State may not be too happy with me taking an official to Georgia. I am glad I took the visit. It was amazing to see two teams get after it. There is nothing wrong with it. When February comes around I want to be 100% sure what I am doing."

Paige will visit Tennessee (10/21), USC (11/25) and Florida (11/11). He plans to take his official visit to Florida State after the season.

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