Taking Vandy Series-ously

Vanderbilt comes into town this week and most of you are thinking "It's just Vandy", "They are not a football team" "They have no history." Yes, they do have a history. Yes, they had a history before Jay Cutler. Here are some series notes that you might not have known about the "Former Football Powerhouse!"

Vanderbilt has 17 wins vs Georgia... as you remembered from my article on Sunday... that 17 is the same as the amount of times Clemson has defeated Georgia...

But wait there's more...

Vanderbilt was 14-9-1 against Georgia through 1961. Since then they are 3-38-1, with 2 of those wins against star quarterback Eric Zeier.

Would you believe Alabama has lost to them more times than Georgia... Vandy has defeated Bama 19 times. They have defeated Tennessee 28 times and defeated Ole Miss 33 times and came home with victories over Kentucky 37 times.

In fact they are 37-37-4 against the Big Blue... I know what you are thinking that is Kentucky... big deal...

OK... they are 19-19-1 vs Auburn... they have a better winning percentage vs the Tigers than Georgia has... Although they haven't beat them since the 1955 Gator Bowl.

Wasn't Auburn known as the Plainsmen back then???

Yes... they are usually at or near the bottom of the SEC now... I bet they wished Sewanee was still in the conference. They held a 40-8-4 record against them. The last meeting between those two came in 1944.

Switching to the ACC...

Georgia Tech has lost to them 15 times. That is two fewer than Georgia... although the Yellow Jackets have faced them in 30 fewer games.

Vandy has a 64-56-5 record against teams from the ACC!

They have winning records vs Clemson, Duke, Maryland, NC State, Virginia and Wake Forest.

They are 4-4 vs Miami.

That's just the ACC... they have a winning record against the Big East as well. They are 10-7-1 vs those foes.

That's just the Big East... how about this... they are 12-11-4 vs the Big 12... which includes a 8-3-1 record against Texas!

What does this mean? It means they had a history... if you love reading about SEC football, read about Dan McGugin, one of the more legendary coaches in SEC history. He had 197 career wins leading the 'Dores. To put that in perspective, Vince Dooley won 201 games for the Bulldogs.


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