Get Your Motor Running

The Georgia Bulldogs are 5-1 that is good. The defense except for the 2nd half vs Tennessee has also been good. But overall this has been a tough season individually for Ray Gant. Ray has had a hurt foot practically all season. Last Saturday he made his first start of the season and registered 3 tackles. The senior hopes to have motor running even more as the Bulldogs have many more games to go.

Dave McMahon -- Was last Saturday the toughest loss you've been apart of?

Ray Gant -- I guess yes, because we are much better than the way we played.

DM -- Was their offensive line just giving y'all fits?

RG -- We couldn't pressure the quarterback all game.

DM -- You started the last game, when did you find out you would?

RG -- Last Thursday after practice.

DM -- Due to the performance last Saturday was their any extra conditioning today?

RG -- No... it was a normal Monday.

DM -- We all know how the team did, but how would you rate your individual performance vs Tennessee?

RG -- It was OK. I have a long way to go. I need to get to a lot better.

DM -- How are you health wise?

RG -- Right now I am real good. I am a little sore, but I am good.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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